Bear Creek Journal is a blog of my family’s life on our 1800’s schoolhouse turned homestead in Northeastern Indiana.  All of us (except my wife) are new to the country life and enjoying every minute of it.  This site will chronicle our journeys in growing things, feeding things, building things, repurposing things, reusing things, implementing things, learning things, promoting things, and doing things.

Bear Creek Journal will also be promoting the homesteading lifestyle to others through local initiatives and action.  We will touch on state and national trends, politics, etc. as it relates and affects what we do here locally.

Who we are: We are a normal family that has recently made the change from town life to country life. I work a normal day job to pay the bills, my wife takes care of the family at home and has a photography business on the side. We have three daughters and one son. We are active within our church and our community and we love to help and bless others when we have the opportunity.

Beyond the day job, I am going to school and currently working towards a degree in Ministry and Biblical Studies and am excited to see where God is taking all of us and how He puts this all together.