The Beginning of a New Journey: Our Country Homestead

A new journey is always exciting. My family and I have recently made the jump from small Indiana town living to our country paradise. We purchased a small country property that has a big, old, historic house that use to be a schoolhouse for our township. The school dates back to 1891, was built of double-layer brick from the bottom up, and was completely remodeled and transformed into the house that it is today in 1948. The property only has .65 of an acre.

We are going to be doing some small-scale homesteading.

We currently have 3 4-H rabbits that our kids show and plans for possibly a few chickens. We will be working a garden into our plans, rain barrels, and a few more fun projects along the way. I believe that organic is better and I love heirloom vegetables for the history and taste they provide.

Being that this is the start of a new journey for us and that we are currently in the beginnings of our winter season, we will be looking and testing things for winter preparations and learning some basic survival skills that we need to thrive where we are. This includes prepping for our somewhat harsh winters and being prepared for tornadoes, power outages, etc.

I am looking to work a couple of local initiatives into this blog that I think our area (any area) could benefit from. 1) Knowing where our local food comes from and where we can find it around us, 2) pursuing a change in town statutes to allow chickens kept for eggs (yes, I lived in one of those towns and now live outside it).

I will also be sharing opinions on a variety of subjects from God and religion to politics and things related or affecting what we are trying to do here locally.

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the beginning of the Bear Creek Post. We are hoping that you like what you read, perhaps learn something or voice an opinion, follow us, and stay involved and help us along the way. Blessings-


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