Cold in Indiana Today

Woke up to below zero temperatures today.  Being that this is our first winter in our new home, we never know what to expect.  The temperature outside is -9 with a windchill in the negative 20’s.

We knew yesterday that the weather was coming in, so we spent the day moving stuff around in the garage/barn so we could move our rabbits away from the doors.  This morning the rabbits were fine and seem to be in good shape even in these very cold conditions.  Our garage is not heated, nor do we have supplemental heat on them.

The biggest problem with the rabbits seem to be their water dishes and bottles. They have been frozen each time we have been out.  We are going out every couple of hours to refill and thaw things out.  We will probably have to look in to a solution for this in the coming days. Temperatures this cold are pretty rare for us, too.

The other problem that we have discovered is that the drain pipe in our downstairs bathroom has frozen.  We have to keep water running through the pipes with the low temps, so we are having to dip water from the sink to a pitcher, which we are then using to water the rabbits, or having to dump out.  The pipe that is frozen is on an outside wall and should be easily fixed with a couple of minutes with a hair dryer..We will see.

The other problem seems to be that the windshield wipers on my car are refusing to work.  Not sure if it is just the cold, or bad timing for the motor to go out.  Will have to wait and see if this fixes itself as the temps warm up.

Other than these little things, we seem to be in pretty good shape.  I am sure that this will be one of a handful of days this cold through our winter, but definitely taking notice of a few things to be better prepared the next time cold temps hit.

If any of you have some suggestions or ideas relating to rabbit care in the winter or keeping pipes unfrozen, or anything else we have talked about–leave us a comment below.  Blessings-



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